Los Angeles Rams WR Odell Beckham Jr. suffered an unfortunate no-contact injury during Super Bowl LVI. It was a surprising injury for a player who has been playing some of the best football this season.



It brought to light the age-old issues of NFL players playing games on artificial turfs. Though the Rams ended up winning the game, such injuries to key players have a chance of affecting outcomes.





While OBJ considers the injury part of God’s ultimate plan, the league needs to review the turfs they play games with. The injury to Beckham occurred after his left foot got stuck on the turf while running the opposite side.



The thrown pass by Rams QB Matthew Stafford was ultimately dropped by OBJ as he was feeling the pain in his left leg. He took off his helmet while athletic trainers made quick inspections of his injury.





The player finally made his way off the pitch, and after brief checks in the medical tent on the sidelines, was taken to the locker room. OBJ never came back to play but showed up supporting his team in force. Without him, the Rams weren’t the same offensively but thankfully won the game on the night.

The NFL’s artificial turf issue brings down Odell Beckham Jr.

The OBJ injury brings focus on how someone dominating a game can be in danger of injury when playing in an artificial turf pitch. Many current and former NFL players reacted to this incident and called for change while asking for signatures for the #FlipTheTurf petition.



Former NFL OLB Connor Barwin took to Twitter, and while sharing his sympathies, he states, “NFL needs to ban artificial turf in all stadiums. Hope @obj is ok.” Players like Nick Chubb, George Kittle, and Nick Bosa all voiced their displeasure about the pitches currently football games are playing.





The Flip The Turf campaign just received the biggest possible evidence on the NFL’s headline event. Nearly half the teams in the league have these turfs on their stadiums, and it is not good news for players. Statistics back the player claims for change, and with football already being a contact sport, non-contact incidents need stopping. The ball now falls in the league’s hands and needs to look after player welfare than monetary benefits in the long run.


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