Shams Charania of The Athletic shared his thoughts on LeBron James’ alleged rift with the Los Angeles Lakers and what’s to come for the four-time NBA champion. Well, it’s all happening again. Just like déjà vu, LeBron James is reportedly unhappy with his team’s front office and could leave.



It happened with the Cleveland Cavaliers (twice), it happened with the Miami Heat, and it’s happening again with the Los Angeles Lakers. Given James’ history Lakers fans have legit reasons to be worried about the future.





His passive-aggressive remarks and comments on how the team isn’t good enough to win are just step 1 of his well-documented M.O. Speculation about a potential third stint in Cleveland is starting to grow given the young Cavs’ surge. Then again, Shams Charania of The Athletic just doesn’t see that happening, at least not right now.

Shams Charania: LeBron Isn’t Leaving The Lakers For The Cavs

“I personally don’t see a scenario where LeBron James is bolting from the Lakers to the Cavs. I won’t see that scenario,” Charania said on the Pat McAfee Show. “Now, could he retire one day on a one-day contract with the Cavs? Sure. But as of right now, from everything I’ve been told, his plan is to be a Laker for the foreseeable future and ride this out.”





“But again, there’s gonna be a level of frustration. LeBron James, Anthony Davis, they’ve all been shouldering the burden of this season,” Charania added. “This season has not gone the way that they expected. The team is not constructed the way they expected it to be constructed. So, what you’re seeing now is the results of it.”

We Shouldn’t Read Too Much Into His Comments On Bronny

The OKC Thunder and teams with multiple draft picks also emerged as potential destinations for James. He claimed that he’s going to sign with whichever team that drafts his elder son Bronny, but Charania thinks people are blowing those comments out of proportion:



“The way I interpreted those comments, though, is that this is a guy who obviously would love to play with his son,” Charania explained. “He’d love to play against him and I think, even more, he’d love to be in that dame locker room. Will it happen? I don’t know. We’re two, three years out from that so it’s tough for me to say.”





We shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves and start making predictions about whether he’ll leave the Lakers or not. Then again, one can only keep an eye open given his history of storming out of teams with short notice.


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