The duo of Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski is unarguably one of the greatest quarterback and tight end duos in NFL history. Playing together since their New England Patriots days, the Brady-Gronk duo has done significant damage to the opposition.






Things were not always good between the two. In a recent press conference, Gronk took some shots at Brady when they first met. Brady and Gronk played together in 2010 for the first time with the New England Patriots. They have come a long way since then. The chemistry between the two is unparalleled.






They grew together and understood each other. They improved themselves and helped whichever team they played for to win. Any offense under Tom Brady’s command becomes unstoppable. But when you add a phenomenal tight end like Rob Gronkowski, there is no saving the opposition. Both of them are future Hall of Famers without a doubt. Being able to play together for so many years has helped them generate mutual respect. The duo is on the verge of setting another record soon. They are aiming for the most connections made by a quarterback to the tight end in history. Brady and Gronk recently overtook Philip Rivers and Antonio Gates. Rivers and Gates have 89 connections. Brady and Gronk have 90 and counting.






Soon, they might overthrow the legendary duo of Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison, who have 112 connections together. Brady and Gronk are just 22 connections shy of the world record. They both still have a lot left in the tank, and they could achieve this record. In a press conference for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, a reporter asked Rob Gronkowski a question. The reporter said they read it somewhere that Gronk said Brady was mean to him when they first got together. To which Rob replied, “Yeah he was, he was a meanie.” Gronk adds, “Meanie Pants.”






When Tom Brady was informed about Gronkowski’s comments, he said, “It was intentional.” Brady continues, “I tried to tough him up a little bit. I gotta see what I’m working with, you know. These kids have it so easy these days. We gotta challenge him a little bit.” This was a classic Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski interview moment. Both of them are infamous for pulling each other’s legs in interviews. And for us as fans, these are the most entertaining part of a Tampa Bay Buccaneers press conference.


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