Patrick Mahomes was Super Bowl champion three years ago, Super Bowl Runner-Up the next year, and made an exit in the AFC Championship game this year. Apparently, even after all of these accolades, Mahomes is not considered a Top-5 NFL QB.





As per ESPN Analyst, Sam Acho, Mahomes didn’t make it to his top-5 QBs in the league. Acho’s Top-5 QB List consisted of John Allen, Justin Herbert, Matthew Stafford, Aaron Rodgers, and Joe Burrow.

Where is Patrick Mahomes?

After looking at that list on the show First Take, Acho’s fellow analyst asks him, “Where is Patrick Mahomes?”





Acho justifies the names on his list but he could not provide an explanation for not having the former Super Bowl MVP in his list.

The ‘take-down’ of the Mahomes hot take

Well, to call this a debate would be misleading since it was more of a take-down. It was clear that the take is not very thoughtful and warrants some critique. And so Twitter delivered.





Things heated up after Fox Sports Analyst, Doug Gottlieb tweeted out his thoughts on the matter. Just like others on social media, he also targeted the ‘take-giver’ instead of the take itself.





For what it’s worth, Sam did say that the names on the list represent the players he would like to have on his team. It is probably difficult to justify such an ‘out-there’ take anyway but what if your brother says something like this?

Well, that is exactly what happened with FS1’s Emmanuel Acho. He came to the defense of his brother but could not defend such a wild take.

Emmanuel Acho to the rescue

And so Emmanuel Acho opined his thoughts on Gottlieb sparking a social media war between the two. But as already established, this is a difficult take to defend, he resorted to attacking the messenger instead of the message.





Gottlieb did not shy away since he understood he has the substance to back what he was saying. (which isn’t very tough to attain in this matter in the first place)





But Emmanuel was not holding back and let it out on the FS Radio Host, who has been known to fill in for legendary broadcaster Colin Cowherd when he is unavailable.





Gottlieb did not back down and added a concluding touch to the proceedings on Twitter.

It is a peculiar situation to assess. All of the people involved in this matter have been known to give out ‘takes’ that sound rather out-there. And it is part of the job to sometimes provide an outlook that is not the norm.



Although, it is also upon these fine individuals to back up their takes with substantial stats or analysis. That cannot be ignored amidst the fiery battle on Twitter.


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