Lewis Hamilton, for a while, has been pushing for a Grand Prix in Africa. Till last year, South Africa was regarded as the most suitable destination to host a Formula 1 race. But the talks between Liberty Media and the people at Kyalami collapsed over different interests.



Porsche owns the South African circuit. Thus, there have been conflicts about the finances around the event.



But the circuit’s spokesperson reveals that if the government comes up with the money, the event is plausible.

“Negotiations with the promoter continue and we remain hopeful that agreeable terms can be met soonest to ensure a Formula 1 event at Kyalami for 2024,” Christo Kruger, PR Manager of Porsche South Africa, told GPblog.



Kyalami could very well enter seamlessly if China doesn’t make its comeback next year. But if China remains and South Africa also completes its agreement, then Spa is under threat to make a room for the new entrant since the current Concorde agreement only allows 24 races a year.

Hamilton is very proud of his African heritage. Before the start of the season, he even made his trip to Africa, covering Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Rwanda in a span of two weeks.

His trip was globally seen and made others watch some of the exotic destinations on the continent.



Moreover, Hamilton also often talks about black rights and the representation of people of color. Moreover, his lobbying for a race in South Africa would have already made him a cult hero across the continent.

So, if F1 races in Africa next year, it won’t be surprising if Hamilton gets enormous support. Brazil has already adopted him as a hero because of his positive attitude towards the South American country.


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