Angela Cullen was a mainstay in Lewis Hamilton’s F1 career since she became her physio in 2016.



Hamilton forged a very close friendship with her over the years, but earlier this month, they decided to go their separate ways.



Hamilton said that their unanticipated separation was down to them moving in different directions life.

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff, who also became close to Cullen during her time in Brackley, feels that things were not working out between her and Hamilton, which why they split up.



Hamilton insists that they will maintain a great relationship, and be in each others’ lives forever. However, the seven-time world champion also has to find a replacement, who can do whatever Cullen did for him all these years.

Ahead of the Australian GP this weekend, Hamilton revealed who will replace his long-time personal assistant Cullen.



During an interview in Melbourne, Lewis Hamilton was talking about his relationship with Cullen, now that they won’t work together.

He talked about how they have been through so much, and that the bond they created means that they’ll forever be in touch with each other.



Talking about his plans for the future, Hamilton already has a replacement for Cullen lined up. Before joining Mercedes, the Stevenage-born driver drove for British outfit McLaren.

It was the team with whom he won his first-ever world championship, but Hamilton has more than just title victory memories with the team.

During his interview, Hamilton revealed that ‘Stevo’ from McLaren had been with him since day one. Now that Cullen is no longer a part of his life in F1, it will be Stevo, who will help him out with everything.

“I think now I have got one of the guys, Stevo,” said Hamilton. “Who has been with me since my first race with McLaren, is helping me out as well.”

When Hamilton took to his social media account to announce his separation from Cullen, the entire F1 community was surprised.

No one saw it coming, and fans started wondering what could have gone wrong in their seemingly perfect relationship.

In an interview with Sportskeeda, Lewis Hamilton admitted that the reason behind him ending their time together was down to him wanting to do things differently.

“We’ve just decided to go our separate ways in terms of work,” he added while also reassuring that they will continue to see each other away from Formula 1.


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