LeBron James Wants A Big Parade: Sports Fans React

The Rams’ win in Super Bowl LVI made it three major championships for Los Angeles in the last 16 months, and LeBron James wants to celebrate. Yesterday’s afternoon, James took his proposal to Twitter: a massive collaborative parade for the Rams, Dodgers and Lakers to honor the most recent Super Bowl champs as well as the 2020 NBA and MLB winners.



“We, Dodgers and Rams should all do a joint parade together!!!! With a live concert afterwards to end it!! City of Champions ??????. Congrats ? once again!!! ?????????,” James wrote.





Now, that might sound good to LeBron, considering the Lakers and Dodgers never really got to celebrate their titles publicly due to COVID-19. However, the problem with that idea is those championships happened over a year ago.



Not surprisingly, a lot of fans weren’t really feeling LeBron’s suggestion for this main reason. But, to be fair to King James, there were at least a handful of people who thought he was on the right track.





The odds of this actually happening are incredibly slim, so LeBron is probably just going to have to settle for celebrating with some of the Rams players on his own time.


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