LeBron James Names The Moment He Became The GOAT

The NBA GOAT debate is a never-ending one among basketball fans. But Lakers forward LeBron James has gone on record that he can stake a claim as the greatest to ever do it. Specifically after he led the Cavs from a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals to beat the 73-9 Warriors.



“At that moment, I was like I’m the greatest basketball player people have ever seen in all facets,” James said to TNT via The Athletic.





“Like I can play them one through five, I can guard one through five, just like literally something that has never been done in the history of the sport. … I just felt like ain’t nobody better than me at this,” LeBron continued. “I felt like JAY-Z when he made ‘The Blueprint.’”

James’ comments reiterated what he said to Maverick Carter and crew in a 2018 episode of “More Than an Athlete.” “That moment right there made me the greatest player of all-time, that’s what I felt,” he said.



“I was super, super ecstatic to win one for Cleveland because of the 52-year drought. The first wave of emotion was everyone saw me crying. That was all for 52 years of everything in sports going on in Cleveland. And then after I stopped, I was like, ‘That one right there made you the greatest player of all-time.’”



LeBron James capped off All-Star Weekend in Cleveland with a game-winning fader to lift his team to victory, 163-160. An 18-time All-Star, four-time champion and four-time MVP, LeBron is certainly among the best to ever touch the NBA hardwood. Where exactly he falls in the GOAT debate is for you to decide.


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