It’s been days since Tom Brady announced his retirement from NFL. Brady spent 22 seasons in NFL and is the only QB to be named in two All-Decade teams (2000s & 2010s). Brady is a legend and has been an inspiration to people all around the world.



Brady has also been a constant motivation for the 37-year-old Lakers star LeBron James. James shared a wholesome message on his social media for Brady on his retirement. Recently, he also admitted that a small piece of himself left after Brady’s decision to retire.





King James was injured when Brady made his decision to retire. James was sidelined due to a swollen knee and had to miss 5 games for the Lakers. James has again been an important player for the Lakers this season despite the team’s struggles. Moreover, the Lakers lost four of the 5 games James missed due to his injury.





James came back from injury last night and scored a triple-double against the Knicks to help his team win. After the win, James attended the post-game interview before the media. During the interview, he was asked how Brady’s retirement affect him.

LeBron James admits a part of himself left when Brady decided to retire

LeBron James appeared before the media after the Lakers win over the Knicks. He was asked about how Brady’s retirement affected him. To this James replied: “When he came out with his announcement I was like, you know, as a guy who’s kind of just been kind of my motivation factor over the last few years.”



“Seeing what he’s able to do at his age and always kind of being a leader of a team. And even at his age, people still gravitate towards him and gravitate. You know his energy and how he prepares and things of that nature. So a small piece of me was definitely left when Brady decided to retire. That’s for sure.”





Tom Brady decided to retire at the age of 44 earlier last week. He spent 22 seasons in the NFL, winning seven Super Bowl championships and three MVP awards. Brady is regarded by many as one of the greatest athletes of all time.





LeBron James is younger than Brady, but the two have been in professional sports for around the same time. Both athletes know what it takes to be on the top for around two decades. Brady and James have mutual respect for each other, and both legends have always motivated each other and are inspirations for all the athletes around the world.


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