There is an old saying that game recognizes game. This is certainly the case with two of the world’s biggest sportsmen, LeBron James and Tom Brady.



While the former continues to shine as bright as a diamond in his 19th NBA campaign, the latter is still a living machine at the age of 44.





Despite being one of the oldest football athletes, Brady is still going strong, calling for some worthy words of respect from LeBron himself.

It is quite unfathomable to think of the numbers that both LeBron James and Tom Brady have been consistently putting up.



With bucket loads of experience, spanning around two decades, Tampa Bay’s premier quarter-back has amassed over 620 touchdowns in his career.





Meanwhile, LeBron averages over 25 points per season as a forward, all while performing at the age of 37. Rest assured, the duo is a true example of age being just a number.

LeBron James voices praise on NFL star Tom Brady

Guiding the Buccaneers to a worthy seeding in 2021-22, Brady has been instrumental yet again. Currently, the top-ranked player in terms of touchdowns this season, it is no surprise that Tampa Bay is the top team in NFC South.



In a crazy statistic, Brady has outscored his age yet again. His 45 touchdowns thus far mean that once again, his passing prowess outdoes his age.





A fellow veteran of his sport, James was in awe of the mind-boggling statistic. He heaped praise on the NFL icon, stating that nothing is unanticipated from great athletes.

Taking to Instagram, the 17-time NBA All-Star posted an image of the stat on his story. He captioned it, “I love it!!!! Expect the unexpected from greatness!!”



How fortunate are we to be able to witness the likes of LeBron and Brady master their crafts? And that too, in the same era! Regardless of their career graphs henceforth, the pair has scripted an unthinkable history in their respective sports!


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