The trade deadline is closing in and teams are making some final moves. This is the last chance for them to look to better their squads. For the Los Angeles Lakers, they are in desperate need of a revamp and need to look for a reliable player in the market.



And LeBron James used the example of his friend, Odell Beckham Jr., to support this argument. The King used Odell’s signing with the LA Rams to justify how the Lakers should take the opportunity to get better.





The purple and gold have failed to get it going this season. Coming in with all the expectations, their roster has failed to deliver and the loopholes are very clear. Hence, they are one of the teams that need to head into the trade market with a clear motive of signing someone new. And there is no objection from LeBron.

LeBron James states a close example

While speaking to the media, the Lakers’ position in the trade market came in. And LeBron was quick to say that if there is an opportunity to get better, the Lake Show should take it. He explained the case of the Rams and his friend Odell Beckham Jr. to justify how a move can impact their team.



In Beckham’s first season, the Rams are heading to the Super Bowl. James said, “I’ve said this every year, If there’s an opportunity to get better, then you explore those options… You have an opportunity to get better, no one turns that down. As great as the Rams were, they had an opportunity to get an elite guy like Odell, and they went out and got him. So if you have an opportunity to get better, you try to get better.”





With the days going by, the Lakers are yet to make a move in the trade market. There are many problems the Lakers should target going into the trades, with defense being their major issue. With a relatively older team, they are not able to keep up on defense. Hence, their major priority needs to focus on improving on the defensive end. Moreover, they also need a shooter around LeBron James to can completely take advantage of his game.


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