The SuperBowl winning team LA Rams now seem to carry their winning legacy in the NBA games as well. On Saturday, the high-spirited Lakers game saw a terrific win after the champion quarterback Matthew Stafford made his presence in the courtside.



The same happened when Rams superstar Aaron Donald attended the Lakers match against the Utah Jazz this season. Now, the Rams WR Cooper Kupp is asking for a lucky charm seat to help the stumbling Lakers rise once again!





No doubt, the Lakers had to face a terrible beginning this season, they are still trying to make up to their standards. The LeBron James-led team saw one of the high voltage matches against the golden state warriors this Saturday. And the star was able to score a stunning 56 point game against his archrival Stephen Curry. James credited the champion spectator Stafford for helping him draw inspiration and showcase one of the best performances of his career.

LA Rams Cooper Kupp wants a ticket too!

After Aaron Donald and Matthew Stafford became the lucky spectators for the Lakers revival, Kupp couldn’t hold back his seat. He made an appealing tweet for a match ticket after the Lakers won their game against the Warriors on Saturday.



It has now become a perception that the Superbowl stars are an X factor for the Lakers’ victory. Whenever one from the Rams is present at the building, Lakers are making their way through.





Even James acknowledged that their presence is helping him draw the inspiration for winning his games. At Least not to get defeated in front of the Superbowl champions, that’s the sole motto. Indeed, the Lakers won by narrow margins in both the games; however, showcasing the best play of the season.

Fans react to Kupp’s request and Laker’s victory

LeBron James was the star player to catch the spotlight by scoring 50+ points in a single game, which is not often witnessed in a seasonal game. Even Stafford and his wife Kelly were impressed by the team’s play and James made sure that he credited their presence in the post-match presentation.



As soon as Kupp made his tweet, fans went crazy and acknowledged his prediction that the Rams’ presence is helping the Lakers make a comeback.





Well, some claim this as just a coincidence, but it seems like Kupp’s presence will prove the so-called conception! What’s your take on this?


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