Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach Bruce Arians was in full voice campaigning for his record-breaking QB Tom Brady 2021 campaign. The coach was seen backing Brady to capture the NFL’s MVP award, the most prestigious individual honor.



Brady will be in contention for his 4th regular-season MVP award. The 44-year-old QB has a legitimate contender in reigning league MVP, Aaron Rodgers.





The Green Bay Packers QB has been one of the most consistent performers in the 2021 campaign. Similar to Brady, Rodgers and his offensive line have been the difference for their success and failures this season. Both veteran QBs have been the go-to guys for navigating their teams through tough situations.

Brady leads Rodgers in both touchdowns and passing yards this season. He has 43 TDs for 5,316 yards while Rodgers has 37 TDs for 4,115 yards.



While Rodgers was more efficient of both QBs, he led the league in TDs to INTs ratio where Brady struggled. The main deciding factor will be whether the league rewards stats or whether it rewards efficiency with the ball.

Bruce Arians has his say on Tom Brady MVP debate

While speaking to the Associated Press, Arians states, “I think if he doesn’t get it, it’s a travesty. Most completions ever, 5,000 yards, touchdowns – the whole nine yards. To me, it’s not even a close race.” While Arians does clearly believe that his QB1 should be MVP, many NFL fans may not feel similarly.



Statistically, the Buccaneers were ranked 2nd in the NFL for their offensive output this season. Brady was a big reason why they are unbeaten in their 22 30-point games run. Many believe the QB to be the needle mover for the Buccaneers and their ambitions to repeat their Super Bowl LV victory.





The Buccaneers and their chances this season start and end with Tom Brady and his output. While the Packers have varying weapons apart from Rodgers to get the job done. In terms of importance to each of their teams, the Buccaneers desperately need Brady while the Packers can make do without Rodgers at times.



The absence of major players like Chris Godwin and Antonio Brown really leaves Brady’s offense in tatters. So it will be up to him to drag them across the finish line if and when they reach that point.


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