Tom Brady has several anecdotes to share on his 22 years of NFL career as an ever-shining quarterback. So he talks about his eventful life through his new series on ESPN+, which is Man in the Arena. During his most recent episode of the series, the superstar quarterback talks about the most devastating and miserable season of his career, the 2008-2009 NFL season.






That was the season when Tom Brady sustained an ACL injury early in the very first week of the regular season. Brady tore his ACL when the then Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard hit him on the knee, leaving him all miserable. The quarterback was then taken off the field, bringing him down for the remainder of the season.






“Three surgeries on my knees, staph infection, laying in bed, you know, being gray,” Brady said. “She pretty much held me through everything, like, she’s been the stabilizing force through a lot of the tough times.” During the excerpt from the series, Tom Brady recalled that time and thanked his wife, who supported him all along. He said that Gisele was there for him during his emotional and tumultuous 2008 season. Despite multiple lingering ailments that come with the profession of playing quarterback in the NFL, Brady’s ruptured ACL suffered on the first day of the 2008-2009 season turned out to be the most severe and significant injury he has ever experienced.






Even Gisele herself did not shy away from taking her much-deserved credit. “I took care of pretty much everything, I have to say let’s be honest,” she said. “I mean behind a strong man, there must be a strong woman.” Gisele Bundchen has proved to be a tough woman time and time again. But this was the time when Tom Brady needed her the most, and she stood by him no matter what. The level of commitment that they both have towards each other is admirable.


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