Turns out Tom Brady is not so invincible after all. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their Divisional Round matchup against the Los Angeles Rams Sunday afternoon. The Rams dominated the play through and through, and the defense gave Brady a tough time inside the pocket.



It was certainly a mighty clash between the two sides that broke many hearts and mended several others. The Rams defense lost no chance to humiliate the Bucs quarterback, and clearly, Von Miller, Aaron Donald, and Leonard Floyd were a pain, for the 44-year-old to deal with.





Each of these players had one sack against the quarterback in the game. However, the real pain was the crumbling pocket of the Bucs. It put Brady under a lot of pressure at times. Von Miller certainly looked in his Super Bowl 50 form. The linebacker hit Brady in the second quarter of the game and the quarterback did not take it very well. Brady had blood coming out of his lips and was not happy with Miller getting away from it. Brady got heated up on the ref for it, resulting in getting a 15-yard penalty for himself.

Tom Brady flagged by the refs over a heated remark

Later in the post-game interview, when Brady was asked about the incident, he frustratingly replied, “I don’t know, he’d probably have to. I get fined if I say something so.” Clearly, the veteran wasn’t happy with the outcome, but isn’t that a taste of his own medicine?



Brady a couple of days earlier in the Let’s Go! Podcast with Tom Brady, Larry Fitzgerald, and Jim Gray, he revealed how he gets away with all the unsportsmanlike conduct during games. “I do know that they probably let me get away with a lot of unsportsmanlike conducts,”





Brady said. “Talking smack to the other teams and talking smack to the refs, you know I get the right call. So they give me a lot of leniency in those instances. I’m kind of a pain in their ass if you don’t already know that.”





It looks like the referees might have taken his account a bit too seriously, and this time Brady didn’t get away with it. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did pick up the pace towards the end of the game, but that wasn’t enough for them to get the win. And just like that, the Rams advanced to the NFC Championship Game, where they will face the San Francisco 49ers next week.


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