The biggest topic in the world of the NFL this week is the unexpected walking out of Antonio Brown. Nobody knew why he did it. Critics, fans, coaches, and everybody just blamed it all on Brown.



Everyone just assumed it was one of the classic, ‘Because he’s Antonio Brown’ moments. In a recent statement, Brown has made some shocking revelations. He presented his side of the story.



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The wide receiver shed some light on the facts that were kept in the dark from the public. Brown claims, everything that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are doing is to cover up the real reasons.

They fired AB before he walked out

A couple of days after the incident, Antonio Brown released a lengthy statement. In it, he gave everyone the reasons that made him take such a step.



Antonio opened up the statement by expressing his gratitude to the Buccaneers’ fans and his teammates. He thanked everyone who supported him rather than blindly pointing fingers. The 33-year-old said that he always gave it all on the field.





Every play he made, he gave his 100%. But this heroic attitude only brought trouble for him. According to Brown, the head coach forced him to play despite knowing about his injured ankle.



The wide receiver also revealed that the Buccaneers’ staff injected him with harmful painkillers. The NFLPA ruled these painkillers unsafe.

Brown claims that he was in so much pain that he couldn’t perform his duties properly. When he went to the sidelines during the Jets game, the coach asked him, “What is wrong with you?”



After Antonio told him it was his ankle, the coach did not get him medical assistance. Instead, the coach fired Antonio Brown. He said, “YOU’RE DONE!”





This, on top of the game, frustrated Brown a lot. He claims that a lot of bad things going on in the back that people don’t know about. Brown did not want to represent the Buccaneers brand at all. That is the reason why he left his Jersey on the bench.

What’s next for Antonio Brown?

Antonio claims the Buccaneers are trying to hide his side of the story. They wanted him to see a doctor that they selected. Brown was not happy with this.



On Monday, he had an MRI done of his ankle, which showed that Brown’s ankle is way worse than he knew. He has scheduled surgery with the doctors of his choosing at the HSS.





Once the surgery is completed, and his ankle is healed, Antonio Brown will be back in action. He is looking forward to the next season. According to Brown, “Business gonna be BOOMIN!”


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