How Much Aaron Rodgers Wants Per Season: NFL World Reacts

Earlier yesterday afternoon, ESPN’s Dianna Russini made headlines with a report about how much Aaron Rodgers wants to be paid. According to her report, Rodgers wants to become the highest-paid player in the league. But how much does he actually want? Well, according to Dianna, the back-to-back MVP wants to be paid $50 million per season.



“From the conversations that I’ve had with people in the league, he wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL – by a wide margin,” she said. “So we’re talking about $5o million per year.”





Of course, it didn’t talk long for fans to start reacting to that news on social media. One Packers writer doesn’t think the contract demands are outlandish…if Rodgers actually bring home a Super Bowl.

“I’m all-in for $50/mil per season for Rodgers…. if he actually plays out of his mind during the playoffs and wins GB a Super Bowl. If that’s the deal, there should be exponential pressure on Rodgers to perform huge in key situations. He hasn’t done that as of late,” Packers writer Andy Herman said.



One other analyst couldn’t help but crack a joke about New Orleans Saints cap guru Mickey Loomis. “So Rodgers wants 50 million and Adams wants 30 million. I truly cannot wait to see how Mickey Loomis pulls this off,” NFL analyst Brett Kollmann said.Will Aaron Rodgers make $50 million per season under his new deal?




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