Hall Of Famer Agrees With Patrick Mahomes 'Streetball' Tag

Kurt Warner supported the unnamed defensive coordinator quoted in The Athletic’s recent assessment of NFL quarterbacks, when the latter stated that when his initial read is taken away, Patrick Mahomes “scrambles” and “plays streetball.”



During a recent interview on “The Rich Eisen Show,” the 51-year-old Hall of Fame quarterback was questioned about the widespread comments that Mahomes addressed, calling the scrutiny that most Black quarterbacks experience “strange.” Warner commended the Chiefs’ Super Bowl champion, saying he’s “very outstanding,” but added that the coach’s statement may have been misconstrued.



Hall Of Famer Agrees With Mahomes 'Streetball' Tag



“I think first we have to take in context… what you have to realize with defensive coordinators is that all of us as quarterbacks have flaws, you know, and again, we have things that we’re not as good at as other things, and so, what I believe that coordinator was really saying was we’ve got to figure out how do we stop Patrick Mahomes.”

“So how we stop him is we try to take the first or the early reads away, and we try to force him to get away from the context and force him to try to make some of those special plays” Warner stated.



“Does he make them -the special plays-? Yes. Do they lose very often? No. But when they lose, I believe that coordinator was saying this is why they lose when they lose, because teams are able to take that away from them and force him to do other things” he continued about Mahomes.



“I don’t think that coordinator was ever saying, ‘Hey, this guy’s not any good at this, if we just do this, Patrick Mahomes is never going to win a game, no. He’s a great quarterback that does so many things well, we’re just trying to force him to get to this point because now that gives us a chance” Warner concluded.


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