What Aaron Rodgers return guarantees for Packers moving forward

Legendary Packers receiver Greg Jennings and current Packers backup quarterback Kurt Benkert traded shots on Twitter, this week, regarding Jennings’ recent comments on Aaron Rodgers. Jennings had slammed the four-time NFL MVP as a “selfish guy.”



“L take, Lots of salt,” Benkert said in response. “Get a new narrative to spread. 12 is the most generous and thoughtful person I’ve met in the league. Not to mention the back to back best player. This sounds like it comes from a person that wanted to be that guy, but wasn’t.”





Jennings fired back: “so generous people can’t display acts of selfishness. News to me. As far as wanting to be that guy. Not sure I understand you there. Are you implying a guy who that plays?”

Benkert scolded Jennings for using his playing time against him: “The ole ‘you don’t play’ jab. Tells a lot about your character, Greg. I’m fine with busting my ass behind the scenes day in and day out without publicly being rewarded for it. Can you say the same? Getting your clicks up by trashing other people isn’t a way to build your brand.”





Benkert, who played his college ball at East Carolina and Virginia, went undrafted in 2018. He spent his first three years with the Atlanta Falcons, before joining the Packers in 2021.


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