Gisele Bündchen may be married to a football player, but that doesn’t mean she was always a fan of the sport.



During an appearance on the ESPN+ series Man in the Arena: Tom Brady, the supermodel reflected on the beginning of her relationship with Tom Brady, the quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.





“I thought it was the most boring thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Bündchen said of watching the sport live, per People. “I was like ‘What are they doing?’ … In the end, I was like, ‘God I don’t know what to tell this guy?’ … I didn’t understand anything.”

Brady didn’t seem to take her disinterest personally. “She didn’t grow up watching football, she could care less about that,” he said of Bündchen, who grew up in Brazil.



Still, the model said the two found common ground in their dedication to their careers.





“I think we both could understand the level of commitment and the level of dedication it takes to be really good at something,” she said.

During the episode, Brady also talked about deciding to start a life with Bündchen.





“I thought I found the person that I wanted to marry,” he said of his wife. “We didn’t get married until 2009. We shared a great love of family, we shared a great love of each other, and we wanted to build a family together.” The couple now share two children together: Vivian, 9, and Benjamin, 12.


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