Is there a love story better than Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen? They are the modern version of Romeo and Juliet. But without a tragic ending. The only sad part about this story is that the fans will not get to see Brady play anymore.





A supermodel who knew nothing about football marrying the best player in the game. After all these years, their relationship is still going strong. As the GOAT prepares to walk off the field, his wife sends him a heartfelt message. It really reflects on how much the couple has been through together.

A message for Tom Brady by Gisele Bündchen

Tom Brady’s retirement was confirmed on Tuesday. After 22 seasons, the 44-year-old quarterback has hung up his boots. Football is the first love of Tom Brady, so making this decision was difficult for him. But if there is one person that Tom can always count on to be by his side, is his wife Gisele Bündchen.



Bündchen made a post on her Instagram account. In that post, there were many pictures of the couple and their family. In the caption, Gisele wrote a beautiful statement for Brady. Through the message, she reflected on how they both have made so many memories all over the years. They met 15 years ago. Gisele did not know much about football, but she has always been there to support Brady. Bundchen jokes she learned the rules enough to even challenge the officials.





The former supermodel and family have always been there for Brady. They cheered him in every win and suffered together in every loss. Bundchen is proud of Tom Brady and everything he has overcome. She believes Tom has left a legacy, which is a beautiful example for future generations.

Gisele Bundchen continues to Brady moving forward





At the end of the statement, Bündchen wrote, “I know how excited you are about the next chapter of your life.” She adds, “I have always been here for you, you know that, and I’m as excited as you are for what the future holds!” Whatever the future holds for Brady, his family and his wife will always be by his side. Along with the millions of fans, he has made all over the world. The legacy of Tom Brady will live on forever.


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