You cannot believe everything you read on the internet. Recently there was a rumor brewing around the Kansas City Chiefs star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Former NFL player Rich Ohrnberger was also a contributor to the spreading of the rumor.



It said that the quarterback had supposedly banned his fiance, Brittany Matthews, and his brother Jackson from attending any Chiefs game in the future. These rumors just do not make any sense. Why would Mahomes ban his own family from attending? Ohrnberger also tweeted about the situation thinking it was true.





Patrick Mahomes himself had to address the situation. The Fox Sports Radio host’s tweet has already been removed. He publicly apologized to Mahomes and his family after realizing that the rumor was false.

The spread of the false rumors about Mahomes’ family

Back in February, Former NFL player and current radio host Rich Ohrnberger started a rumor about Patrick Mahomes and his family. Ohrnberger explained that he got the information from a trusted source so he believed it to be true.



The Fox Sports Radio host said, “I can’t substantiate the information that I tweeted out earlier today regarding Patrick Mahomes and his family.” He adds, “The source I received this information from was posing as someone I trust. I will delete this tweet today along with the original thread. Please pass this along.”





The explanation by Ohrnberger felt strange. The Chiefs’ quarterback immediately shut down the rumor on Twitter. He took it in a hilarious fashion. Mahomes tweeted, “Y’all be making stuff up these days.” The quarterback has not yet responded to the apology of Rich Ohrnberger. And it is very unlikely that he would give any more attention to this rumor.

Will Patrick Mahomes ban his own family from attending any Chiefs games?

The simple answer to that question is a straight-up no. Patrick Mahomes will never ban his own family from attending. Even though Brittany Matthews and Jackson Mahomes have been polarizing figures, he wouldn’t do that.





The fans have always criticized Matthews for her antics. But Patrick Mahomes’ fiance has turned all the criticism into something positive. She made “Team Brittany” shirts, and gave a part of the proceeds to charity. Jackson has also been doing some questionable stuff. He recently used Patrick’s name in order to get some free snacks. But at the end of the day, they are Patrick Mahomes’ family. He needs their support.


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