Aaron Rodgers Relationship Details Emerge: NFL World Reacts

On Monday Aaron Rodgers took to the dotted line and signed a new extension with the Green Bay Packers. Rodgers has signed a three-year extension worth $150 million. Yes, you read that right. Former NFL GM Mike Tannenbaum ripped Rodgers for being “selfish” and taking so much money during ESPN’s Get Up on Tuesday morning.



“If we’re comparing [Rodgers’ contract] to Tom Brady, he’s still selfish and I have 8 million reasons why. … Compared to Tom Brady, he’s $8M more selfish,” he said. Say what you want about Aaron Rodgers and how he handled this offseason, but make no mistake. This was all and always was about the money for Aaron Rodgers.





That’s no an issue. He’s secured his financial future for the long haul. Good for him! However, the Packers are going to be in serious financial trouble in coming years.

“The reigning two-time league MVP will make $41.95 million this season, which is fully guaranteed in the form of a $40.8 million roster bonus (which will be treated as a signing bonus for salary-cap purposes) and a base salary of $1.15 million,” writes Rob Demovsky of ESPN.com.



Former NFL GM Rips Aaron Rodgers Over Contract



“His 2023 pay of $59.465 million also is guaranteed. In 2024, his $49.25 million is guaranteed only against injury at the time of signing.” Rodgers now needs to pay back the Packers with Super Bowls. He doesn’t have any excuses anymore. The time is now.


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