The Super Bowl week is officially underway, which means the players will have media availability for the Opening night. Odell Beckham Jr. was in the middle of a press conference when a surprise guest interrupted to wish him success in Sunday’s Super Bowl LVI.



Jarvis Landry crashed into the press conference to wish OBJ good luck for the Super Bowl. Landry said, “You’re deserving of this moment. You put countless hours to where you are today and I’ve witnessed it all firsthand. You have scars to show where you are today..…… This is a dream that you are actually turning into a reality and I wanted to come on here and just let you know that I’m proud of you, bro……. I love you and go get that ring. Go get that ring!”





Beckham was awestruck by everything his former Browns teammate said. Beckham said that Landry’s words gave him chills, and he is grateful for his words. Additionally, he said that besides his father, Landry is the only person who has had a significant impact on his life in every way. As a final note, Beckham said that this moment belonged to them both.

The True Friendship ft. Odell Beckham Jr & Jarvis Landry

Landy and OBJ’s friendship dates back before their LSU and NFL days. Both OBJ and Landry grew up in Louisiana; however, they first got to know each other at a 7-on-7 camp in Alabama. Eventually, they became friends, and both decided to attend LSU with a common goal: to play in the NFL.



Landry and OBJ played together for three seasons at LSU and then two-and-a-half years in the NFL with the Cleveland Browns. In addition to being close friends off the field, they made one of the most prolific receiving tandems in the NFL.





The Cleveland Browns released OBJ in November. Therefore, OBJ joined the Rams and reestablished himself, while Landry remained with the Browns. Despite their separation, their friendship only grew. Thus, popping in when your best friend is in the middle of a press conference and wishing him luck for the biggest game of his career just proves how much Landry loves OBJ.


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