Patrick Mahomes is not missing a Super Bowl ring, but it would appear someone was hoping to convince wealthy sports memorabilia collectors that he is. U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced on Monday that they have seized a package that contained $345,000 worth of fake pro sports championship rings.



The shipment, which was headed from China to Florida, contained 30 counterfeit Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl rings, 110 fake Atlanta Braves World Series rings, 10 fake Milwaukee Bucks NBA championship rings and 80 fake Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl rings. As TMZ pointed out, the Chiefs rings had Mahomes’ name and number engraved on them.





Anyone who had done a bit of research could learn that Mahomes did not lose his ring or have it stolen. Though, that has certainly happened to NFL players in the past.



Selling counterfeit sports memorabilia is a huge business. Authorities said back in January that they had seized 56 shipments of 1,382 items that would be worth around $1 million in total if they were assumed to be authentic.


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