Tom Brady returned home to Foxborough and beat his former team. New England Patriots crumbled at the end, as Tampa Bay Buccaneers strolled to their third win of the season. While the fixture was one of the biggest of the season, Tampa Bay’s star quarterback chose a different team as his favorite to beat.





Beating your former team isn’t easy, and not just on the field. Tom Brady had to have the psychological edge over his former coach and fans to come out on top. Although his performance wasn’t remarkable, he did enough to get the Buccaneers over the line. Rival quarterback Mac Jones outperformed him but did not end up on the winning side.



Despite the big win, Brady chose a different team as his favorite team to beat. While the name wasn’t surprising, the reason he chose that team is quite funny. Harkening back to his two failed Super Bowl attempts, Tom Brady claimed the New York Giants are his favorite team to beat.





“Holy cow, that’s a good question. The team I would love to beat the most is the Giants, there’s no doubt about that, because they’ve taken away some really, you know — I’ve always joked with Eli [Manning] but, yeah, and I think he likes that I bring it up all the time. So to bring it up again, I do not like losing to those guys, so when we beat them I love that.”

Without a doubt, beating your former team leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. If you’ve won six Super Bowls and formed some eternal connections there, you’d be sad if you defeated your former team. And that’s exactly how Tom Brady felt after he beat New England Patriots.

“And the team I like to beat the least is obviously the Patriots. Again, those are my guys, man. Those are the other warriors that I went to battle with for so long. I’ve had a lot of battles over the years with different teams, there’s a lot of mutual respect in pro sports, but glad I’m through with the one last night.”


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