One of the biggest questions in everybody’s minds these days is what is next for Tom Brady? Ever since the GOAT announced his retirement, people started predicting his next move. What Brady will do with his life now still remains a mystery.





However, another former legendary quarterback thinks it will not be commentary. It is common in almost all sports for a player to retire and become a pundit, broadcaster, or commentator. Some speculate that Brady might do the same. Maybe he will join the Manningcast or make his own show. Eli Manning thinks that Brady was not made for this world. He’s “Too good.”

Is Tom Brady “Too good” to become a Broadcaster?

Eli, along with his brother Peyton has found uncanny success after returning. They own the Monday nights of the regular season. The NFL these days is incomplete without the Manning Cast. The Manning brothers have given us a lot of memorable moments through their hilarious and amazing show.



Tom Brady has recently retired from professional football. So it seems like he would be having a lot of free time now. One of the things that he could do is follow in the footsteps of the Manning brothers. But Eli quickly shut that speculation down. TMZ recently caught up with the former NFL player.





When they asked Manning if he thinks that Brady will join the TV game, he said, “He’s not going into broadcasting,” Eli said. “He’s too good.” Eli Manning thinks that Tom Brady is just going to enjoy some downtime with his family. Broadcasting is not the move for him. Brady has had his fair share of the game and would like some time away from it.

What is next for Brady?

Nobody has a definitive answer to that question yet. Tom Brady has just retired, like a week ago. So there is a lot of time for him to figure out and for us to know.



But one thing is certain, through the words of Eli Manning, that Brady will not be seen in a studio or booth every week. Brady does not seem like the guy you can see dressed in a suit analyzing a football game.





He has spent his entire life doing something active. Whether it was playing a game or preparing for one. For now, it seems like California Cool would like to sit back and relax with his wife and kids. What do you think is next for Tom Brady?


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