LeBron James’ back and forth with the Los Angeles Lakers appeared to be part of the past after he showed his confidence in Rob Pelinka and the front office to create a championship team. Things haven’t gone in the Lakers’ favor in recent times, and many people think we could see a big fish leaving the organization in the near future.



Recently, James praised Oklahoma City Thunder executive vice president and general manager, Sam Presti, calling him the MVP of his team for making incredible moves that granted them plenty of draft picks through this decade.





These comments made a lot of noise around the league, and one Eastern Conference GM went on to say that Bron was paving the way to replace Pelinka with Presti at the Lakers. Talking with Ric Bucher of Fox Sports, the executive said:

“I heard that he was trying to get Sam Presti in there to replace Rob,” the second Eastern Conference GM said. “I don’t see that happening, but I could see him trying to get Pelinka out of there.”



James has been making headlines with his comments on the Los Angeles Lakers before and after the 2022 trade deadline struck. The 4x NBA champion is trying to win his second championship in Los Angeles, but this season’s team roster is struggling to get things going.





That situation set the alarms at Crypto.com Arena, and Bron was very vocal about his desire to improve the team, mainly with some changes on the roster. The Lakers, however, didn’t make a trade before the deadline hit and kept the roster untouched, giving it another try for the remainder of this season.

Well, things haven’t changed for the 17-time NBA champions. They lost to the Los Angeles Clippers in their first game back after the All-Star break. Once again, they couldn’t make the plays and even with the game on the line, they made questionable decisions.





The tension between the player and the team has been compared to the ‘early days of a war’ and we’re still not sure how it’ll end, although LeBron seemingly put an end to all the speculation about his future.


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