Patrick Mahomes has been under the radar the entire season. He hasn’t seen the same form and class that served him well in the previous seasons. However, a strong outing against Las Vegas Raiders has made people take notice of him again.





One such person is Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who prepared a scouting report on him. Kansas City Chiefs take on Dallas Cowboys this coming Sunday. Both teams are in good shape, but one is in an arguably better position than the other.





The Cowboys look set to enter the playoffs, with players like Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott, CeeDee Lamb and Trevon Diggs playing incredibly well. On the other hand, the Chiefs were mostly disappointing this season.

Upsets to the Ravens, Chargers, Bills and Titans rocked their form. Patrick Mahomes wasn’t the same composed quarterback anymore, throwing ten interceptions in half a season. But despite the poor form, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has an excellent impression of the quarterback.





Jones spoke to sports radio station KRLD-FM 105.3 The Fan. “I think he has been true to form. His style, his athletic ability, his speed, all of the things that serve him well, and make no mistake about it, as you know, he stayed at Texas Tech when some pretty good quarterbacks that were behind him moved on out there that ended up being starters in the NFL. So, he’s no surprise.



“I think it was — it’s interesting how his particular style has compromised defenses, certainly his first few years. I think as time moves along he will adjust, but defenses will adjust, too. But you’re not going to take away his gift, and that is to just make plays, and he’s out there to make plays. So, all of that — I’ve seen a quarterback in the last years and years that literally carry a team than I would put him on the top of that list, or right there at the top. What they’ve done a great job though is putting talent around him that matches his skills.”

Would Patrick Mahomes have been a good fit in Dallas? Would he have seen the same levels of success which he saw in Kansas City? Is there a chance of seeing him in the brilliant blue instead of the red? Stay tuned to know more.


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