Davante Adams Makes Opinion On Aaron Rodgers Very Clear

The Green Bay Packers stunned the football world last week when the team traded star wide receiver Davante Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders.



Earlier this week, Adams had his introductory press conference with the Raiders. During the press conference, the star wideout praised Aaron Rodgers as the “greatest quarterback to play the game.”





“It was really an idea up until it was done. Me playing in Green Bay, a great situation, having the greatest quarterback to play the game, that’s a dream in itself,” Adams said via wbay.com.

“It’s not the first time an impactful player to an org has had to leave. I feel like it worked out for both sides ultimately.” Adams also detailed why the Raiders made sense for him.



Davante Adams Makes Opinion On Aaron Rodgers Very Clear

“I have a lot of family in California that’s never been to see me play before,” he said. “Just kind of reflecting and thinking about life things and stuff that really matters in this world, that’s stuff that matters to me.”


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