Danica Patrick’s Cryptic Message Amid Aaron Rodgers Rumors

While Aaron Rodgers appears to still be with fiancee Shailene Woodley, rumors swirled on social media last week about their reported breakup. While the Rodgers-Woodley rumors were swirling, one of the Green Bay Packers quarterback’s ex-girlfriends shared a cryptic message on Instagram.

Danica Patrick, who dated Rodgers prior to Woodley, posted a message about life on her Instagram Story last week. “Life is trying to shift us into coherence. If you’re not a match for your current life expect challenges. Try and move like the ocean, without resistance.

Danica Patrick’s Cryptic Message Amid Aaron Rodgers Rumors

The funny thing is … we know. We always know deep down what’s good for us and what’s bad. If you wonder, just ask. The answers are usually short and sweet. They may not always be what you want, but they’re what you need,” she wrote. Of course, that message might not be about Rodgers and Woodley, but it wouldn’t be the first time she’s spoken about her ex.

“I think we learn the most about ourselves through relationships, but there’s nothing like heartbreak to really throw you in the deep end of that,” Patrick said after the Rodgers breakup, via US Weekly.

“But I’ve learned a lot and as broken open as I was on the sad end, I have felt so much joy in so many more instances and so many more unlikely places than I ever have, so it’s like my heart got broken open to both ends of the spectrum.” Patrick, meanwhile, has moved on as well.

Danica Patrick’s Cryptic Message Amid Aaron Rodgers Rumors

She’s been dating Carter Comstock, a co-founder of Freshly, for more than a year. The happy couple reportedly met through business and spent the holidays together. Hopefully everyone involved can find happiness in their new relationships.


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