It was not an ideal campaign for Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Though they had a tremendous regular season, the Chiefs couldn’t make it past the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship.





That game can arguably be termed as the worst performance by Mahomes this season, including the playoffs. Which made the quarterback a subject of ridicule across social media, and the comedian Keegan-Michael Key just took that to a next level.

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Cincinnati Bengals AFC Championship Game

The Chiefs had an electrifying start to the game after the 26-year-old quarterback tossed three back-to-back touchdowns in their first three drives. While the Bengals managed just one field goal. At one point in the game, the Chiefs were leading by a whopping margin of 18 points. However, the second half completely changed the whole dynamic of the game.



Coming out in the second half, Mahomes did not play like himself. He tossed two interceptions, one of which came during the overtime, costing them the game. It looked like the Bengals’ defense dominated Mahomes in the second half. The Chief’s pocket crumbled suddenly, and the quarterback was open to sacks most of the time.





It was the first time that Mahomes had ever lost after gaining a 15+ point lead in a game. And just like that, the Kansas City star had to call it a season while playing in the Arrowhead Stadium.



Following the game, Joe Burrow became the talk of the NFL town. His swagger approach and calm demeanor caught the eye of many fans. His cool outfits, celebrations, and accessories were highlighted across social media.

Keegan Michael-Key roasting Patrick Mahomes during NFL honors

During the NFL honors, comedian host Keegan-Michael Key in the name of entertainment jabbed Patrick Mahomes a bit too hard. He displayed a popular photo of Joe Burrow on-screen and jokingly said, “This outfit is so mind-blowing, Patrick Mahomes saw a picture of this outfit at halftime and forgot how to play football.”



His joke was so nasty that it gave Travis Kelce a grim face. Kelce being a teammate and good friends with the quarterback; did not like the notion of making fun of him in such a way. Judging by the discontented look on Kelce’s face, Key replied, “forgive me, Travis.”





No matter how hilarious it was, Travis might never forgive Key for that joke. The comedian made fun of the Chiefs superstar for one of the most shattering moments of his career.


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