Broncos Legend Shares What He’s Heard About Aaron Rodgers

The Denver Broncos have long been named as a possible landing spot for superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers. And according to franchise legend Terrell Davis, that speculation has some serious weight behind it.



When asked about the possibility of Rodgers landing in Denver next season, the Hall of Fame running back said it’s entirely in the question. “Do you see Aaron Rodgers as the next Broncos quarterback?” Lisa Kerney of FanDuel asked Davis on More Ways to Win.





“I do,” he responded. “I’m not playing. I’m serious. I’ve heard from too many insiders, too many sources — it makes too much sense for us not to get Aaron Rodgers. That’s the talk of Denver.

I’m in Denver now so I hear the daily talk… It sounds like that is the most likely scenario.” Through seven NFL seasons with the Broncos, Davis logged three first-team All-Pro selections, one league MVP trophy and two Super Bowl titles.


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