The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have ended their season after losing to the mighty Los Angeles Rams, and Antonio Brown cannot get enough of it. Their Divisional Round matchup did not go as planned and in the end, they succumbed to the wrath of the Rams.



Although it was not the moment for the Bucs, it was surely a moment for the former wideout AB. The Rams clearly dominated the Buccaneers for the first three-quarters of the game. Courtesy to the incredible defensive prospects of the host.





Defensive tackle Aaron Donald and outside linebackers Von Miller and Tyler Floyd came after Brady, wave after wave. It really took the quarterback some time to deal with the crumbling pocket of the Bucs.



The happiest person in this world right now is surely the former Tampa Bay wide receiver Antonio Brown. Following the loss of the defending champions, AB took to Twitter and posted a meme of himself trolling his former team. It really displayed how much joyous he really is to see them fall.

Antonio Brown trolls the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Twitter

The meme featured AB shirtless in the Jets’ end zone, holding a sign that read, “Bucs eliminated”. It was surely an obvious indication that he deeply hates his former franchise, and he was glad to see them lose in a game with high stakes.



He did so because his campaign with the Bucs did not end on a good note. Rolling back time to early January this year, Antonio Brown made a shocking and controversial exit from the Bucs’ Week 17 Jets matchup. Later it was revealed that he got into some harsh disagreements with head coach Bruce Arians, which resulted in a bizarre end.





Antonio Brown was released from the Bucs’ squad and has since been making headlines for his statements and Tweets. This was one such Tweet. Talking of Bucs they certainly hoped to have put on a fight to the mighty Rams. But they failed a chance to come back later on in the game due to a very lacking and slow first half.



Early in the game, Brady was seen struggling to make first downs. Not to mention the incredible defense of the Rams contained him inside the pocket and nowhere to go. In the end, it was the Rams who emerged victorious with three points. And now Antonio Brown sits with a sigh of relaxation to watch them go down.


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