After leaving the MetLife Stadium Sunday afternoon, Antonio Brown seems to be ‘No Way Home.’ His bizarre exit from the game was heavily criticized but made more fun of. It seems that his escape from the Bucs has no return tickets.



Since after the game, the head coach Bruce Arians revealed that “he is no longer a Buc.” And like that, his successful campaign with the franchise has been jeopardized.





Antonio has already got a number of chances to prove himself. But it seems that this was the last mistake he has ever made in his career with the Bucs. However, on the flip side, as seen through a viral clip, the veteran receiver was having the time of his life with celebrity chauffeur Danny Chalet as he drove through New York City.

Antonio Brown roaming through the streets of NYC

His unprofessional and unethical display posed a threat to the franchise’s image. He recently got back from a three-game suspension for falsely representing his vaccinated status.



Clearly, Arians have had enough of him, and he will make sure that Brown will no longer be a part of the franchise. Furthermore, the receiver is reported to be excluded from the squad heading back home.





But Brown is already making plans across NYC as he gets along with Chalet. Surprisingly, the chauffeur is friends with Odell Beckham Jr., Saquon Barkley, and others.

The 33-year-old receiver has been involved with a series of controversies for the past three years. But this was certainly the weirdest of them all. According to a report, Antonio felt enraged as he was benched in the second half of the game. And so, when Bruce told the receiver to enter the game, the receiver declined to do so.

No Way Home for Brown

Agitated by the veteran’s attitude, Bruce told Brown to leave the game. And then, started a drama that everyone witnessed quite exclusively.



The receiver took off his jersey, gloves, and undershirt and tossed them towards the stands. Bare-chested, the veteran marched off the field and out of the stadium, where he called his friend/chauffeur Dany Chalet to pick him up.





Incidentally, the receiver will no longer be teammates with Tom Brady. The Bucs will move on to the playoffs though being shorthanded in the receiver spot. With Chris Godwin out of season and AB having the time of his life in NYC, the Bucs will be on the lookout for other players in the spot.


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