Antonio Brown, who is presently an ex-Buccaneers receiver after having stormed off the field mid-game against the Jets on January 2, launched a public tirade against his former teammate and biggest advocate, Tampa Bay quarterback Tom Brady.



During the 2020 season, Brady was largely responsible for Brown landing in Tampa Bay. Prior to the team’s Super Bowl run, he helped Brown sign a one-year deal. Brady even invited Brown to live with him and his family in Florida and later convinced the Bucs to sign him, despite head coach Bruce Arians previously calling Brown a “diva.”





However, appearing on Clubhouse with Kazeem Famuyide, Ashley Nicole Moss, and Sean Brown, Bown did not seem to be grateful for all that Brady had done for him, insinuating that the quarterback had not done enough for him.

“To me, a friend is someone who’s got your back,” Brown said on Friday’s episode of the ‘Full Send Podcast.’ “Not everybody in sports is going to be your friend. Tom Brady’s my friend why? Because I’m a good football player.



He needs me to play football. People have different meanings of what friendship is. You can’t really expect anyone to be your friend in the business of football. In the business of football, our business is winning.





Brady and I like winning. We have that in common. That’s what makes me want to be around him, makes us jell, makes us great. I’m out here getting prove-it contracts, you say you’re my friend, I shouldn’t be playing on that type of deal when I came here and we won a Super Bowl.” He added: “If Tom Brady is my boy why am I playing for an earnest salary?”

The 33-year-old receiver was unemployed for a season and a half before signing with the Bucs following sexual assault allegations brought against him.



“Brady is the general manager,” Brown said on the Full Send Podcast. “He’s the guy my agent made the contract with, he’s the middleman and politician. I talked to Tom, and he knows I’m not going to play.”

‘You come at the king, you best not miss’

Most football fans on social media chose to take Brady’s side as opposed to Brown, as they called him out as ungrateful. “Tom Brady got Antonio Brown a job on two teams when noone wanted him… Now AB is bad mouthing him publicly.



Absolute clown,” one of them said, while another noted, “Hey, Antonio Brown: You say ‘GM’ Brady dictated that you were forced to take an incentive-laden ‘prove it’ deal. Uh, AB, YOU WERE A FREE AGENT. YOU COULD’VE SIGNED ANYWHERE. YOU TOOK WHAT TAMPA OFFERED BECAUSE IT WAS YOUR ONLY OFFER … THANKS TO BRADY.” A third added, “Reminder to Antonio Brown, the only reason you have a Super Bowl ring is Tom Brady.





You come at the king, you best not miss.” The next remarked, “Antonio Brown burning bridges after Tom Brady helped his ass out. TWICE. Gtfoh.” Another quipped, “Antonio Brown saying Tom Brady can’t do anything by himself is ultimate irony because in the game of football you literally can’t do nothing solo its a TEAM game something selfish people like AB clearly know nothing about.”

One more commented, “Who’s better than a guy who can’t stay healthy and stay sane, while also backstabbing the only guy who had his back? Oh idk, that’s tough.” A commenter tweeted, “The fact he can’t comprehend why he would get paid less after everything that’s happened in his career is why AB is sitting on a podcast couch and not preparing for the playoffs.



Zero self awareness.” Another wrote, “You’re on a earnest salary because you screw over every team you go to. If you weren’t such a distraction n could be trusted upon with no drama you’d get paid. Raiders paid you handsomely n look how you screw’d them over. All on you man… it’s all on you.” A person reacted, “Evans and Godwin are better than u AB lets grow up.” One of them stated, “They weren’t paying AB less because of his receiving ability, they were paying him less because he’s an idiot.”


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