Angela Cullen shared a message with Lewis Hamilton ahead of yesterday’s Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The Mercedes star’s former trainer wrote out a touching post on social media ahead of Sunday’s race.



She posted on her Instagram story: “The present moment. Find your stillness. That’s where you create magic. Let’s go.”



In another Instagram post, Cullen, uploaded an image of Hamilton preparing on the grid along with a caption expanding on her thoughts.

She added: “There is so much noise in the environments we have created around us and chose to live in, constant bombardment of information, from socials, phones, TVs, people around us, even our own minds with habits of overthinking and analysing are contributing to this constant chatter.



“The challenge is to be in the present moment, where nothing else exists, focus and find the quiet! This is where you will find your answers. This is where the magic happens. This is where dreams come true. Let’s go team LH.”

Cullen and Hamilton worked together for seven years with the New Zealander becoming one of Hamilton’s closest pals. News of Cullen’s departure surprised the paddock with pundits warning it could destabilise the seven-time champion.



Toto Wolff suggested Hamilton had decided to axe Cullen but the Briton denied a feud as he stressed the pair had already arranged to meet up away from the track. It’s not the first term Cullen has praised Hamilton since the pair split back in March.

After announcing her F1 exit, she wrote a heartwarming message to the Mercedes driver, urging the 38-year-old to not stop believing.



She said: “And @lewishamilton you GOAT !! It’s been such an honour and pleasure to stand alongside you I’m so proud of you and everything you have achieved.

“Thank you for supporting me, believing in me and showing me the limitless potential we all have within us. I am so excited to watch the next chapter for you. There’s nothing you can’t do.”

Just days later, Cullen commented: “You are unbreakable and unstoppable. This is why you made it this far. I’ll be screaming from home (Toto you may still hear me!!)”


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