Despite parting ways with seven-time champion Lewis Hamilton, his former physiotherapist Angela Cullen has revealed an interesting habit to look out for to gather whether the driver is “in the zone”.



Cullen worked with the Mercedes driver for seven years until they both announced they were parting ways ahead of the 2023 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix.



The pair have separated on good terms and Cullen is now pursuing other aspects of her career.

Hamilton’s former physio revealed in an Instagram post ahead of the Australian Grand Prix qualifying session that an easy way to see if the F1 champion is “in the zone” is to see if his hands are “dancing” or not.



She explained: “The perfect quali is where you build each lap, learn from the previous, implement and profit in the following. Just love the focus and attention.

“Watch for Lewis’ hands when he is sitting in the car in the garage, if they are dancing you know he is in the zone. You can have a perfect quali as a driver regardless of end position, that is the goal.”


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The British driver ended up qualifying in third position behind his teammate George Russell in second. The grand prix in Melbourne was chaotic and dramatic with multiple safety cars, red flags, and retirements.



Unfortunately, Russell was forced to retire from the race but Hamilton went on to take second place on the podium which was his first podium finish of the season.

Mercedes has been struggling with the W14, however, the Australian Grand Prix gave fans some hope for the rest of the season.

On top of that, the Brackley-based squad are also due to bring some upgrades to the next grand prix in Azerbaijan at the end of this month.


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