Packers QB Aaron Rodgers earns 4th MVP award, 2nd in a row

From the frozen tundra to Tennessee? Aaron Rodgers’ future in Green Bay remains murky at the moment, but if he is traded, then you can pencil in the Titans as a potential landing spot.



A recent report from 102.5 The Game’s Jared Stillman, which is an ESPN radio affiliate in Nashville, says that Rodgers is currently building a home in a Nashville, Tenn. suburb, but more pertinently, is supposedly “open” to joining Mike Vrabel’s squad in 2022. Stillman also adds that, according to sources, Packers teammates feel that there is “no way” Rodgers is coming back for another year in Green Bay.



Aaron Rodgers Titan trade rumors



Also adding intrigue to matters is that Rodgers is currently selling his California home, potentially removing the West Coast as a landing spot. The reported purchase of land could also be purely coincidental– Nashville is a very popular tourist destination and is the sixth-hottest housing market in the US, according to Zillow.



The move would make sense, aside from one pricy hurdle: Current quarterback Ryan Tannehill is under contract for the 2022 season and is due $29 million in guaranteed money.That’s not going to be particularly easy to clear, and a straight one-for-one swap between the Packers and the Titans is hard to envision, as well.

For now, though, the idea that Rodgers could be throwing to Julio Jones and AJ Brown may be music to Tennessee fans’ ears.


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