Aaron Rodgers' Parents Respond to 'Reconciliation' comment

Aaron Rodgers and his parents have not been on good terms for a while now, and recent comments he made on the Aubrey Marcus Podcast about reconciling with his family have gotten some responds from his parents.



Rodgers stated that, ‘I do believe in healing and I believe in the potential of reconciliation at some time. My deep love and thanks for them, the lessons I’ve learned, the manner I was raised, and hope for the future are the most important things for me,” he continued.




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“But, who knows what that future is gonna look like, when it’s gonna look like, when time is gonna come. But, I have no bitterness in my heart. I have no resentment,” Rodgers continued. “I really have great love and gratitude for the things that I learned”

Although, Aaron’s brother and father have both dismissed any form of understanding between them and the QB in the past. His father in 2018 told reporters that “Aaron had not spoken to them since 2014”. Recent Comments of ‘Reconciliation’ has gotten a reaction from Ed Rodgers.



In a recent interview, Ed Rodgers stated that the idea of reconciliation between Aaron and his family will be a dream come true for him. Although there is not fixed date, Ed believes the it’s time to move on as a family.



‘No matter the disagreement between us or how far we are from each other, we will always be a family. I believe it’s time to let go and move on’.


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