Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Get A Trade Promise: NFL World Reacts

Aaron Rodgers has ample playoff experience. He knows what it now takes to win games like the ones the Packers will play on Saturday. The San Francisco 49ers have been a major thorn in the Packers’ side in recent playoff history. In fact, the 49ers have won the last three times the two NFC foes met in the postseason.



Most recently, the 49ers bounced the Packers out of playoffs with a 37-20 win in the 2019 NFC Championship. There’s no big secret as for what it’s going to take for Rodgers and the Packers to get past a physical and fast 49ers team.



Aaron Rodgers Names The Biggest Key To Playoff Success



In the end, it almost always comes down to your best players vs. their best players and how many big plays can go your way. Rodgers is confident his Packers teammates can step up to the plate when the 49ers come to Lambeau on Saturday.

“When it comes down to these games it’s all about the execution in those moments and which guys can step up and make those big time plays to get you over the hump,” Rodgers told Pat McAfee on Tuesday.



When you think about some of the greatest moments in NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl history, it almost always features a single, memorable play. The Packers will try and make more of those on Saturday. Green Bay has a few advantages against the 49ers. It got the first-round bye and isn’t as beaten up as the Niners.



Aaron Rodgers Names The Biggest Key To Playoff Success

Rodgers will take advantage by letting his guys try and make plays to get past No. 6 seed San Francisco.


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