Aaron Rodgers Signs New Contract: NFL World Reacts

On Thursday afternoon, ESPN’s Dianna Russini had a stunning revelation regarding how much money Aaron Rodgers wants to make next season. “From the conversations I’ve had with a lot of people in the league, he wants to be the highest-paid player in the NFL by a wide margin,” Russini said.



“So we’re talking about $50 million a year. We know the cap situation the Green Bay Packers are in. We know Davante Adams needs to get paid. So there’s a lot on the table.” The report has turned quite a few heads within NFL circles. However, it doesn’t appear to be accurate.



Aaron Rodgers Has 2-Word Response To Report He Wants To Be NFL’s Highest-Paid Player



Pat McAfee, a close friend of Rodgers, contacted the Packers quarterback on Friday. Rodgers had a two-word response to Russini’s report: “Categorically false.” “Has anybody thought about just asking him? So I text him. That’s just not true,” McAfee said in response to Russini’s report.

“All of that stuff this morning about ruining him … I sent him, ‘Hey man, reports on you wanna be the highest-paid player by a wide margin, is that the thing you are currently, is that what’s going on right now?’ “‘Categorically false’ is what he said.”



The reports saying Aaron Rodgers wanted $50 million per year were a bit hard to believe to begin with. If he made $50 million per year the Packers would be strapped for cash. Regardless, it looks like the reports aren’t true. Rodgers is expected to make a decision on his football future in coming weeks.


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