Aaron Rodgers Didn’t Get A Trade Promise: NFL World Reacts

When Aaron Rodgers decided to remain with the Green Bay Packers for the 2021 season, many believed it came with an agreement from the front office. “If you want to get traded in the offseason, we’ll honor that request.”



Rodgers went on to play for the Packers in 2021, winning an MVP, though the team was upset by the San Francisco 49ers in the Divisional Round. Now, the offseason is here, and many are wondering if Rodgers will return to Green Bay, retire or request a trade to another team.





On Tuesday, Rodgers told Pat McAfee that he’s yet to make a decision. On Wednesday, the Packers front office revealed that no trade “promise” had been made.“(Packers GM Brian) Gutekunst said he told the QB they’d sit down and work the situation out one way or another. But no definitive guarantee of a trade,” Matt Schneidman tweeted.

Will a trade still happen? “2 quotes essentially saying that a trade was never an option, it was always down to Rodgers either coming back or retiring,” one fan tweeted. “If that’s indeed the case, then why is there smoke that he could be traded?” another fan asked.





“I can already see bullet point 3 turning into a huge “he said-he said” and Rodgers pouting about it and everything going sour,” another fan admitted on Twitter. A couple of different teams have been mentioned as trade options for Rodgers, like Denver and San Francisco, among others. However, at this point, it would be surprising if one happens.


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