What Aaron Rodgers return guarantees for Packers moving forward

Despite what seems like a year of speculation over Aaron Rodgers’ future with the Green Bay Packers, it appears that the relationship is stronger than ever – and nearing an extension. NFL insider Ian Rapoport reported this weekend that the relationship is “in a good spot,” with optimism that Rodgers will sign a contract extension.



Rapoport said a Rodgers extension will likely be $45 million per year over two years plus voidable years. It’s a massive turnaround after what feels like a Last Dance style impending divorce between the two. Just six months ago it appeared that 2021 (or 2022 at the latest) would be Rodgers final year in Green Bay.



Aaron Rodgers Could Sign Massive Extension: Fans React



Packers fans and NFL fans at large are a little bit mixed on the news. Some fans believe that Rodgers has earned his money, while others are seriously concerned that the Packers are hamstringing their roster for the next few years or more:





Aaron Rodgers is coming off his second straight NFL MVP season. But it was also the second straight year where his Packers had the top seed and choked in the playoffs. Retooling the roster is going to be a challenge with or without Rodgers on the roster. The Packers have the second-lowest cap number in the NFL heading into the offseason.

But all things are possible with an elite quarterback under center. And so long as the Packers have him, they can win with almost any level of talent on the roster. Will the Packers sign Aaron Rodgers to an extension?


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