NFL World Reacts To Saturday’s Aaron Rodgers News

In what becomes the clearest hint at the outcome of the voting for the Associated Press MVP award, which will come from the same 50 voters, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was named on Friday the first-team AP All-Pro over Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady.



The vote was 34 for Rodgers, 16 for Brady.



Aaron Rodgers beats Tom Brady as first-team All-Pro quarterback



It’s hard to imagine anyone voting for one as the first-team All-Pro and the other as the MVP. With no non-quarterback ultimately emerging as a viable MVP alternative, it’s unlikely that it will be a non-quarterback. It’s likely that it will be Rodgers.

Rodgers has expressed pessimism that he’ll win the MVP award. He believes that the “woke mob” will vote for someone else because of his vaccination status. Hub Arkush, one of the 50 voters, said last week that he won’t vote for Rodgers for reasons unrelated to on-field football performance.



Aaron Rodgers beats Tom Brady as first-team All-Pro quarterback



Of course, Rodgers likely will reserve the right to argue that the 16 who didn’t vote for him were motivated by reasons other than football. Then again, chances are he would have been unsatisfied with anything other than a 50-0 outcome.


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